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     Here at Sun Britches, we remember the past fondly... so much that we're returning from a 25-year hiatus, and bringing back our iconic 80’s style swim trunks. Once you put on a pair of these bad boys, people will be asking you where you got them britches at. With different colors to choose from we'll always find a way to keep you looking good. If your favorite color isn't there, then hit us up & let us know! While our designs pay homage to our roots, our new and reconditioned materials will provide a next-level comfort compared to the OG's. 

    We care about you guys.

    Join the Sun Britches crew and share your adventures, stories, or anything with us! We want to build a friendship with our customers/followers and help motivate you to adventure more and pursue your passions...

    Share with us on instagram @sunbritches and we'll feature our favorite posts!

     Much more to come! We want the whole family to be able to wear Sun Britches so in the future we'll be introducing trunks for the little ones and a little something for the ladies. So sit back and enjoy the #sunbritches revival. And remember, Just Add Water.